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About 19.4% of all adult victims of sexual assault in South Africa in 2012 were male.

Another group's survey estimates that one in five adult males become victims of sexual offences, and this figure could be much higher as a male is 10 times less likely to report a sexual violation than a woman.

A woman being raped over the age of 25 has a one in four chance that her attacker is HIV positive and more women than men are affected from HIV/AIDS.

Although there are varying numbers on the number of reported rapes of children, one report states that in 2000, 21,538 rapes and attempted rapes of children under the age of 18 were reported and another from 2001 states that there were 24,892 rapes.

A 2003 study conducted by Out LGBT Well-Being (Out) and the University of South Africa Centre for Applied Psychology (UCAP) discovered that the percentage of black gay men who said they have experienced corrective rape matched that of the black lesbians who partook in the study.

Stigmatization of male victims was said to be the cause of low reporting rates for corrective gay rape.

In October 2001, a 9-month-old girl named Tshepang was raped by an HIV-positive man and had to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery in Cape Town.

In February 2002, an 8-month-old infant was reportedly gang raped by four men. The infant has required extensive reconstructive surgery.

While the Northern Cape had the largest percentage of respondents who believed rape to be most prevalent, the province of Kwa Zulu-Natal had the least with 1.7%.

A survey from the comprehensive study "Rape in South Africa" from 2000 indicated that 2.1% of women aged 16 years or older across population groups reported that they had been sexually abused at least once between the beginning of 1993 and March 1998, results which seem to starkly conflict the MRC survey results.

Similarly, The South African demographic and health survey of 1998 gave results of rape prevalence at 4.0% of all women aged between 15 and 49 years in the sampled households (a survey also performed by the Medical Research Council and Department of Health).

Its report states that patriarchy is firmly rooted in Black culture and fighting it is seen as attempting to destroy South African tradition or South African ideals.

The danger from rape and sexual assault is compounded because of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South African townships.

The province with the least percentage of prisoners convicted of sexual offences was Northern Cape with 3.8% and Northern Province with 2.6%.

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