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They’ve come by the thousands to be part of history: the swearing-in of their new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the 43-year-old son of Pierre Trudeau, who from 1968 to 1984 was the most glamorous PM their country has known.“This is Camelot,” the Canadian reporter behind me says, only half kidding.

He instantly tweeted his horror—“I am shocked and saddened that so many people have been killed and injured in violent attacks in #Paris.Talking with a lilt whose slight nasality hints at his French Québécois roots—he’s effortlessly bi­lingual—he has an ease of manner that makes you think that his customary business suit is a costume, not a predilection.He’s equally happy chatting about his childhood, quoting a funny bit about Stephen Harper from John Oliver’s HBO show, or talking fondly of Canadians’ lovable image as “reasonable, polite people who say ‘Sorry’ when .”Grégoire-Trudeau tells me that what first struck her about her husband was that “he had a really deep gaze.” And it’s true.He led his center-left Liberal Party to a dramatic upset victory over both the far-left New Democratic Party and the ruling Conservatives, headed by the divisive and hard-line Stephen Harper.Unlike his predecessor, Trudeau celebrates openness and transparency—he plunges into crowds, cheerfully poses for selfies (even at G20 meetings), and shocks some with his public displays of affection toward his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau.

Breaking with precedent, he has invited the public to join the festivities at Rideau Hall, and by the time the wailing bagpipes announce his arrival, among the thousands of people lining his path are several waving photographs and signs that read, “Just in time, Justin!

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