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Starting around 1991, photobook publishers began challenging this ban to the point where pubic hair is now fairly well accepted.

In 1999, the government enacted a law banning photos and videos of naked children, which were a fairly common sight in mainstream media before that time.

The 1960s, in Japanese pornography, was the era of the independent Pink film.

Nevertheless, until the early 1960s, graphic depictions of nudity and sex in Japanese film could only be seen in single-reel "stag films", made illegally by underground film producers such as those depicted in Imamura's film The Pornographers (1966).

The first true pink film, and the first Japanese movie with nude scenes, was Satoru Kobayashi's controversial and popular independent production, Flesh Market (Nikutai no Ichiba, 1962), starring Tamaki Katori.

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