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But after all these years they’ve ended up together.Both are now retired from wrestling, and the couple just welcomed a baby girl in February.Here are 15 couples who have managed to defy the odds and remain together despite the unpredictable life they chose to live as world renowned WWE superstars.for the first few seasons of the show that even featured their wedding.There's no doubt about it -- HHH and Stephanie are the top couple in sports entertainment. They've been married since 2003, and all indications are that they'll be together for the rest of their lives.

13 2018 movies that are destined to disappoint you. 5 most insane things happening in wrestling right now (jan 5). The couple married in 2003 and has three daughters.

Many are wondering what this means for Lee's WWE future, as Punk is currently away from the company after walking out mid-contract.

But these two aren't the first man and woman in the wrestling business to get together. Here are the top 15 real-life couples in WWE history: Shawn Michaels (real name: Michael Hickenbottom) married Rebecca Curci in 1999.

Curci used to be a Nitro Girl in WCW under the name Whisper.

In his documentary, Michaels recalls seeing Curci on WCW television while he was sitting at home and thinking that she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

They made it work with the inception of the reality show. A photo posted by ashasebera dana brooke wwe (@ashasebera_danabrooke) on. If you were expecting something like the ‘kliq’ in the case of cena, am sorry to tell you.

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