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There's no rule against anonymity; it simply shows a rather palpable lack of guts and conviction.I don't attack those who can contradict and disagree civilly with some semblance of logic or evidence; it's that I challenge those who make stuff up or claim to know what others "know" based on no actual substantiation, who won't SUPPORT their blatant assertions with more than mere say-so.I would love to see larger audiences at each public meeting, and have also called for live and taped television coverage of board meetings since I first campaigned.I want to see more citizens getting on local boards and committees, and not the same old faces.As an anonymous person, you have the advantage on me, and can call ME by MY name, but I can't even tell if this is the SAME single person over and over or three pusillanimous cranks playing tag team!See, I'd like to address my remarks to the person who MADE them, but I simply can't tell! it's written by Alex Schiffer, the publisher-opinions editor of the Journal, just as it says in the paper's masthead. Yeah, that's it, I'll just call those who choose not to be self-yclept by some endearing nickname, just as Shrub does!Way to go Steve attack those who dare cotradict the wisdom of the public officials!I did not know that anonimity was against the provisions of the constitution, oh yeah I forgot those rights do not exist around here as the eminent domain crowd!

Either you have a face and name, and spoke up to make a point, or you had nothing to contribute or complain about.And though I agree that even paranoids might actually have people after them, more unsubstantiated accusations (any basis for your "retribution" claim? Unfortunately, the way this forum is set up, ANYONE can make ANY claim, anonymously, or even by falsely putting someone else's name in the field, and there's NO accountability to address incorrect or even libelous claims, and the damage it can do.Some of us CARE about our good name, and in a small community, even a rumor, with no basis in fact, can spread and do damage before it can be countered, and, in cases like this, where NOBODY is accountable, there is no place to go and get legal satisfaction.If you have PROOF of your beliefs, fine, then present it or take it to the attorney general or DA!A moratorium is designed to hold off NEW construction, NOT deal with renovating an existing structure!

It is not the function of the elected official to attack or belittle a person who questions their actions, intent or motives but rather to discharge their duty to the people who elected them.

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