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(Or perhaps not — perhaps, instead, it is what attracted Darren Aronofsky to the actor.) But to focus on such surface similarities seems like an undermining of his work here.Rourke may not be as out-of-his-comfort-zone as Sean Penn in Milk, the only other Oscar-worthy lead performance this year, but that is merely a testament to his fundamental understanding of his character: Randy is an understated guy with big scars, both literally and figuratively.The guy begged to be let go and the fight was done.- Besides Anderson Silvas losses were to submission wrestling holds on the pro level. Not a streetlight but the grass leans the same direction. Most fights (especially brawls) go to the floor anyway.

Seeing as I just saw a fight like this tonight in women's mma.....wrestler.He's been wrestling for years — now reduced to borderline tribute shows in front of dwindling crowds, scrounging up barely enough cash to buy the variety of drugs and steroids he needs to maintain his weight.He lives in a trailer park and gets locked out for not being able to keep up rent.Randy isn't airbrushed to make him seem more appealing to the audience; Aronofsky and Rourke exploit his faults and present him as a normal man, tempted by vices and haunted by his past.Yet we recognize that the drugs, the empty sex and the generally self-destructive behavior Randy partakes in is rooted in the same emotional enguish that the actor himself seems to carry with him; Aronofsky spotted this quality in Rourke, and he fought the producers for Rourke over their first choice (Nicolas Cage), and his dedication paid off — you'll be hard-pressed to find a more convincing, moving or memorable lead performance this year.

That blow is a boxers blow and that's the reason they never let it happen. They are trained to avoid someone trying to get their hands on them. I've seen great boxers and great wrestlers and respect both disciplines.

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