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This post explains how to improve performance of Word Press on Windows by using the Win Cache Extension 1.1 – Beta for PHP.You probably already know that just by enabling the Win Cache extension and without any code changes it is possible to get a significant increase in Word Press performance – this is described in details in PHP on Windows: The Win Cache 1.0 Benchmark.Up to now, Apple focuses on developing and maintaining customer relationship and increasing customer commitment in order to retain the customer’s loyalty.In this paper I would like to suggest 2 main reasons lead to the success of Apple to increase the customer loyalty are: satisfying customers want by product quality and build long-term relationship through customer experience.The biggest threat any businesses have is that customers could switch to its competitors but if an organization follows a relationship strategy their customers are less likely to switch to the competitors that will also create barriers for the competitors to enter into the market. Customer Loyalty Because customer satisfaction will lead to customer loyalty and this is the most important objective of CRM, therefore this term should be focused and tried to evaluate.

Key words: customer relationship marketing, customer loyalty II. Definition of CRM: According to Bateson (1995) relationship marketing is the union of customer services, quality and marketing.Leading the Global Market with Cutting-edge Technology & Quality Products Samsung Electronics sold more than 406 million mobile phones in 2012, securing a position as the global market leader with an overall share of 23.4%.Samsung aims to create a new future that positively impacts the entire global community. Apple and Samsung: Marketing performance Launched on June 29 2007, the first IPhone with biggest screen, hidden keyboard and especially touching screen, Apple has been a pioneer in providing customers a very unique product that customers want at the initial time when customers did not have much concept of the smartphone.Besides, we also consider about Brand Value and Brand Reputation which show how strong the brand is and how it influent to customer.Those indexes are both measures that estimate what a brand is worth with customers.

It emphasizes the importance of customer retention, establishing long-term relationships with customers, customer services, deliver commitment to the customers, increase levels of customer contact, and a concern for quality that transcends departmental boundaries and is the responsibility of everyone throughout the organization.

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