Women dating younger men trend validating cluster resource analysis services

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With their children now all grown and out of the way, their randy husbands out there playing ‘sponsors’ to campus girls and caught up in their own indulgences such as business, these aging, bored, rich women are now coming out to play!ALSO READ: Things you should never do after a breakup “They are, however, not that open and straight forward like their male counterparts. Some are those innocent-looking teachers, business ladies, widowed neighbours, our aunts, our mothers’ friends, strangers at events or even fellow parishioners at our local churches.

“I get tickled each time I see older women in search of younger lovers dressed skimpily or generally inappropriately.

“You know, the public will excuse a young lady stroking a seedy old man’s belly, but go crazy when a young man is spotted fondling an older woman.

Thus, relationships between older women, whom society still expects to uphold very high moral standards, are only successful when are handled with some high level of discretion,” says Philip*, who once dated a woman older than him.

These ladies have learnt the tricks from the best; their male counterparts.

What they are, however, yet to master are the tricks and ways to lure younger men,” says Jackson Liru, 24-year-old student, who, however, claims is not into cross-generational dating.

Just because you are dealing with a fellow adult doesn’t mean you become reckless with your behaviour in public, or so it seems.

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    Dating violence victimization (DVV) among youth has been associated with other adverse health outcomes and risk-taking behaviors, such as substance use, mental health disorders, eating disorders, sexual risk-taking, future DV or IPV, and suicide ideation.

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    Thankful to our Lit Celebr Asian team members: Glaiza and Janani for taking the time to research and compile this list.

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