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But love can also cause you to close your eyes to red flags indicating that although you might think this person is right for you, other people might disagree. Third party members are not emotionally invested in your relationship, and chances are they are quite willing to tell you what they think, but in many cases you have to ask.Ask your friends and family what they like about him/her, and how they see him improving for you, and in turn, improving you.But that doesn’t mean my boyfriend and I can’t be intentional in our dating by voicing that we are discerning marriage with the other. The hope for long-term commitment has given us a heightened awareness that we need to be intentional in our dating.If you’re wondering what intentional dating is, well, we’re in the same boat. She then told him she’d already eaten and she and her posse left 15 minutes later when she decided he was boring. A guy friend told me about a woman who spent the entire second date talking about how she was still in love with her ex and then let him pick up the tab.

With more knowledge of the other, more confidence and love is built between the two of you, opening the door to be as comfortable around each other as possible—and leaving less room for surprises further down the road.3) Spend time apart from each other. A friend arranged to meet an online date who drove an hour and a half to take her to dinner. And, frankly, I’ve seen some dating behavior from my friends that makes me think we might be earning more than half the blame.I’m talking about taking a random night to be with your friends, family, or even by yourself, or in a sense, reverting to life before dating.Again, the more intention you about why you’re dating this person, the more you’ll be able to see if this is someone you don’t want to spend time apart from.4) Ask others what they think about you and your significant other as a couple.

But at some point, I firmly believe a couple should be able to vocalize exactly why they’re dating the other, whether it be for current companionship or long term. The purpose of dating is to get to know your romantic partner as much as possible before the context of marriage.

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