Widows and widowers and dating

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It is amusing fodder for our frivolous conversations.I seem to have run into twice-divorced more than I like.However, even if there is zero chemistry, you feel more of a connection with a widower purely because you’ve been in a similar boat and can commiserate.Finally, there’s the baffling world of the never marrieds. For some reason, I think online daters who have never married gravitate toward widows, though I have no Pew Center research to substantiate this.I try to be open-minded, but have engrained biases.We widows can be judgmental, thinking we are somehow better than the people who have botched marriages. I’ve gone out with a couple widowers, who, unfortunately, seem to have their own set of issues.Even if remarriage is one of your major priorities and you feel it is God’ will to follow this goal, there are numerous practical aspects to keep in mind.

There is a shocking amount of pressure placed on real-life widows and widowers to "get back out there." People will actually start talking to the bereaved about dating as early as the funeral.

We compare notes; we wax about our good-guy husbands and how our former lives were so much better, richer.

We regret that the majority of these online prospects are divorced.

and other movies that use an off-screen dead spouse to help set up an eventual "meet cute" romantic-comedy moment are only contributing to the problem.

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…This [article] is designed to give helpful information to you who are presently planning a remarriage or will become involved later with a person who may eventually become your new spouse.

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