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For more information, please contact Nicholas Fazio, Entertainment Director, at [email protected] Granted Sentai has cut all ties with her and it doesn't look like she'll get more roles from them anytime soon.Maybe a single bad PR incident (regardless of coverage) is all it takes. If this is something to do with taking a stand against nepotism it seems a bit odd.Since the origins of the entertainment industry nepotism has existed even for something as niche as anime dubbing.Unlike a former couple like Andrew Love & Emily Neves who's breakup was amicable maybe Chris & Krystal's wasn't?And unlike Andrew & Emily who both still work for the same studio, they record separately so they probably don't see each other often vs.

Vic works regularly writing, producing and directing video and film productions of all kinds.Joel Mc Donald often casts his wife Marie Charlson in dubs and her brother Ben Charlson.Plenty of ADR Directors cast Patric Carroll (Colleen Clinkenbeard's husband).AUTOGRAPH PRICES: Autographs: .00 Photo at table: .00 Recordings/Phone Calls: .00 (audio or video up to 10 seconds) Music CD: .00 Concert DVD: .00 The schedule is subject to change without notice due to availability or other reasons.Purchase of tickets to METROCON does not guarantee availability of seating at any events - we do not reserve seats in advance for events (with the exception of VIP seating areas at certain events).

So I wonder if the reason why she got the boot from Sentai might have involved a little nepotism from Chris Ayres. Okay those reasons are vague, but I don't recall Sentai or Chris give an irrefutable reason though.

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