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But she brought it for the final, with the exception of having a typical Camila breakdown while rock climbing. I don’t think she should have been in the final, but good for her I guess…TJ Lavin has often voiced Derrick was his all-time favourite competitor and fans know why. He was feared before and rookies this season definitely underestimated him. As much as I would have loved for him to have won and still hopes he does, I think the run at the end of the final killed his chance at first. This rookie has had one hell of a season and is just what this series has been lacking in the past few seasons, rookies who can actually compete with the big dogs. He has run his mouth for song long on these shows that he’s finally backing it up with skill.I would love for Tori to beat the odds and pull off the win. And her final was well played with Jordan as her male partner for most of it. Politically he developed, physically he improved (especially competing with one hand), and his final was one of the best performances I’ve seen recently.Over the course of 13 episodes, MTV’s The Challenge rivals Sarah Patterson and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio put their bitter history aside and worked as a single impressive unit, steamrolling through the most recent season, dubbed Rivals 3.The longtime friends were dire enemies a year earlier, after Patterson betrayed their alliance on Battle of the Exes 2 and cost Devenanzio the chance to win 0,000.High-stakes melodrama that stems from real-life relationships is one of a dozen TV show tricks that were invented or perfected on The Challenge, and those successful building blocks are what other programs — like Survivor and Big Brother, which are more visible and more celebrated — have tried to emulate from the 18-year-old cable show over its 28 seasons.

But a huge shock was revealed seconds before the final showdown of the last episode: Host T. Lavin announced that just one person in the duo, an ultimate champion, would decide whether to share the 5,000 winnings with their season-long partner — or claim the full sum for themselves.

Lavin revealed that Devenanzio had earned the most points and thus was the solo winner of the season.

Then he went back on his word: He kept the full 5,000 and left Patterson with nothing. But more than that, she believed her season-long partner’s words of support and encouragement, sentiments she genuinely thought her onetime ally spoke with utmost sincerity as they slowly rebuilt their friendship.

But the most twisted part of all is that, on some level, fans were rooting for exactly this kind of treachery.

The thrill of watching these players backstab one another will always supersede the desire for everyone to live happily ever after — it makes for amazing TV.

The dirt and poor air quality didn’t help him much at all.

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