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The resulting debut, (Number Seven,2004), proved that the Killers were not only first-rate second-wavers — song like "On Top" and "Somebody Told Me" (#51, 2004) were awash in synths — but also that the increasingly ailing major-label environment could still nurture a multi-platinum rock band.

sold three million copies in the United States, and yielded five singles: "Somebody Told Me," "Mr.

The Las Vegas band's fourth Album will be preceded by a single titled 'Runaways'.

Hopefully this will lead to a Killers Tour Dates 2013 - fingers crossed!

The Killers are a rock band from Las Vegas, made up of Brandon Flowers (lead vocals, keyboard), Dave Keuning (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Stoermer (bass, backing vocals), and Ronnie Vannucci (drums/percussion, backing vocals).

To date they have released the following albums: was different, but also very much Eighties, being Heartland Rock/Americana In the Style of...

Culturally, if it gets as big as it is in America, it could change an entire generation of people growing up here.

Emo, pop-punk — whatever you want to call it — is dangerous.

They were on the list, though." For more on the Killers, Fall Out Boy and beef, check out the feature "The Vanilla Thrilla!

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The Killers have unveiled their brand new single, 'Runaways'.

The title of the solo album, "Flamingo," The Killers alluded to the news a few days ago in a Twitter post, telling followers to check their website for "big updates." A spokesperson for The Killers confirmed the news, but revealed no other details beyond the album's name and existence. In January and February, The Killers called off multiple dates in Australia and Asia due to the death of Flowers' mother.

At that time, the band also announced that they were taking a break from touring, while assuring their fans that the future of the band was not in jeopardy. Brandon Flowers – lead vocals, keyboards, piano, bass guitar (2001–present) Dave Keuning – lead guitar, backing vocals (2001–present) Ronnie Vannucci, Jr.

In said interview, Flowers — who's in London putting the finishing touches on the Killers' second album (see "Killers' Next LP Will Show Strong Influence Of ... ") — ripped into FOB and other groups he deems emo, saying he wants to "beat all those bands to death," and basically insisting that emo bands' sensitive music is poisoning the minds of America's youth.

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