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You can put a beautiful but brain-dead girl who speaks a foreign language in front of me right now and being with her will be much more pleasurable than an ugly girl who can talk about the creation of the universe. Is she compliant, keeping talk-back at a minimum, while sacrificing her needs for yours? With personality it’s not so much that you need a hyper-intelligent or well-traveled girl, but someone who is cool and easy to pass long amounts of time with. To calculate a score, simply multiply the attractiveness score by five and add to it the other values (sample chart), for a possible maximum score of 90.

This objective measurement makes it less likely you’ll make an error by diving into a relationship with a girl who isn’t worthy, while simultaneously pushing you to invest in a girl who is.You may be wondering why we don’t account for a girl’s job.Truth is girls who are highly educated score very low in the Woman Factor and Nurturing qualities.I noticed that something wretched happened to her face—drug use, perhaps—where she dropped a full point on the attractiveness scale. It makes sense to me 9 years later: since attractiveness has a weight of five, her overall score dropped to 68.5, which while high, is out of my relationship range.Hindsight allows me to make sense of old scores, and old scores will now allow me to make sense of future girls I get involved with.

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