Who is sara evans dating

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This was the first appearance of a country singer on the program. Evans sings God Bless America during the All Star Game in St.

Country star Sara Evans is back in the dating game following a bitter divorce battle last year.He alleged corruption in family court, including "judges who were involved in felonious activities, parenting evaluators who are cocaine addicts and drug abusers, and actions of collusion behind my back, hiding assets and all sorts of things to deprive me of my rights, my place as a father, [and] the income that I had helped earn over a period of 10 years.So yes, it was a very, very nasty thing." Schelske also claimed that Evans' divorce attorney tried to cast aspersions on Schelske's character.Evans then dated and married Jay Barker, a former University of Alabama quarterback, national championship winner and current radio show host o n June 14, 2008 Sara Evans name might not too famous as other country singer.But through her job as a singer, her amount of net worth is about million dollars.

Schelske's 2007 divorce from country music star Sara Evans became a media sensation, in part because of the wild accusations the two parties made against each other.

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