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It assaults your senses because, back in ‘85, everyone said, “No, no. You write of people possibly being more accepting of you because of your charitable marathons and acting career.

Hide about it.” I just thought they were all wrong. What role do you think fame plays in the acceptance of transgender people? But then again, I am quite well known in America, but I can find you a lot of places where they wouldn’t know me and I am just some transgender guy going into the loo or shops. She’s very slow on getting onto gay marriage — but still, a lot of people in America can now talk about it because it's further out there in the public domain, so that has to be a good thing.

He, and a friend, Rob Ballard, began to experiment with comedy, staging shows at the University, before abandoning their courses and leaving for London.

They became street performers around Covent Garden, riding unicycles and escaping from chains.

In May 2011, by chance, I read a tweet posted by the actor & comedian Eddie Izzard who wrote that he was seeing a show at Nottingham's Theatre Royal that evening.

I went there and met him as the audience were leaving, and he signed a DVD cover for me.

The British comic and self-proclaimed Marathon Man is currently in South Africa, raising money for Sport Relief by attempting to run 27 marathons in 27 days despite battling heat, exhaustion and potential injuries.

 While in more relaxed circumstances he dons make-up and female clothing, the marathons leave little room for Izzard’s gender expression – outside of painting his nails red. We are obsessed by the genders because we grow up in one gender or another. He added: “It all comes back to Nelson Mandela: Try and put something into the world, and leave something positive.

He said of the nails: “I use it as a badge of identity – I am a transgender guy who came out 31 years ago. “No matter what sex or sexuality, how you self-identity, or who you fancy, matters not one whit – what do you do in life? A lot of people have said very nasty things to me, have fought me in the streets… The humiliation period, the initial period, is so tough. What do you find most difficult about using a women's restroom today and where do you stand on the gender-neutral bathroom debate? But fame can also help some young kid, because he can say, "I am like that person there." As a positive role model, that’s where I see fame helping. One of the greatest activists is an African-American woman who is on , Laverne Cox. We do what we can, we soldier on, and we try to find positives in the negatives.If you just take out urinals, then everyone can use them. What is your take on cisgender actors playing transgender roles? I will play hopefully more transgender roles in the future, but there are a lot of boy genetics in me so I am happy to play boy roles.I am about to perform in Spanish in Central and South America. Comedian Eddie Izzard has spoken passionately about his gender identity – while attempting to run 27 marathons.

We have come a long way, so let’s keep forging our way forward. I think we have a number of things that were similar in the way we worked, but I just liked the guy.

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