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Later on however, Peggy is upset at Cassie for supposedly injuring Blake accidentally.After some recuperating, Cassie calls Peggy and tells her that Blake will pull through resulting in mother and daughter apologizing and reconciling.The two come across Lady Sif and Ti Asha becomes friends with her. Guardians of the Galaxy features a deleted scene with a character simply named Ti Asha played by Samara Dixon.Star-Lord briefly flirts with her after dropping off Bereet.Peggy becomes slightly less aggravated with Scott despite him not showing up as often as he claimed he wanted to.She attempts to talk to Cassie about it, but she herself is mad at him and herself due to not having the Pym Particles in her body.

Since then, she has forbade her from anymore super heroics.

Carl agrees to Burstein's experiments, offering to out Rackham in exchange.

Rackham finds out through Shades and Comanche about Carl's plans, and after they fatally beat information out of Luke's best friend Squabbles, they beat Carl up, putting him in the infirmary.

She bears almost no resemblance to her comic book counterpart; in the comics she was orange, bald and lacked a nose while in the film she was blue and had long black hair.

Albert "Billy Bob" Rackham is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.

Despite being the last of their species, Ti Asha had trouble liking Bill due to their contrasting personalities.

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