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While continuing to model high fashion, Beverly devotes more of her energies to her singing career.

Danny has already teamed her with rock singer Phil Anastasia for two singles not yet released, and she is also working on an album under Danny’s guidance.

Nonetheless, Beverly has not doubted her musical talent since she sang the “Fly Me” jingle for National Airlines in the early 1970s.

“I thought he was very cute,” she says of the 40-year-old Sims. I figured, ‘Well, it’s happening—just go with it.’ ” Says twice-divorced Danny (whose sons are 11 and 19): “My other wives were just ‘ordinary girls.’ Beverly’s the first model.

“I’ve been up for so many movies,” Johnson sighs, “but I haven’t landed a real part yet.” She is now under consideration for a leading role that she won’t discuss, for fear of “blowing it.” Headquarters for the couple’s twin careers is an 0-a-month, mirrored three-bedroom apartment on Fifth Avenue, which has a sauna and a vitamin-filled refrigerator.

Once a junk food junkie, Beverly was converted to health food by Sims.

“I’ve always had my own,” says Beverly, explaining that “Danny will spend the night in mine, or I’ll sleep in his.” Danny’s is more risky, since some Peeping Toms in the neighborhood have a telescope trained on the window.

“Being a bachelor in the entertainment world was a lustful kind of existence,” says Danny.

Since meeting Sims Johnson has taken steps to overhaul her entire career.

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