Who is aubrey graham dating now

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Aside from simply enjoying dating a more experienced woman, Drake said he was drawn to her perspective — she framed the world much differently than he did at the time. I think I can also maybe even say I felt guilty to the fact that it was a bit of a story to tell, that’s why I was doing it. I never end up dating — seriously — women that are my age.” The Lil Wayne protégé went on to add that more often than not he finds himself in relationships with women pushing 30.

"But this is his chance to put out music that's just for the sake of art.

But in the case of Drake and Bella Hadid, you have to forgive yourself, because no one really thinks about Bella Hadid on regular basis, do they?

"They’ve been meeting up and going out for romantic dinners." The insider adds that Drake and Bella are far more than friends with benefits, and their relationship appears to have already reached the "exclusive" stage.

Dre's feverishly anticipated album playing Jimmy Brooks, famously wheelchair-bound after a school shooting.

The perennially popular high-school soap is a hit in Canada and a pandemonium-causing cult sensation down south.

Its icy moodiness is a far cry from the "next Fresh Prince" tag that Vibe magazine recently bestowed on Drake.

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