Who is anderson cooper dating now 2016

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Anderson Cooper looks at the plane’s final moments and the search for answers.Anderson breaks down the factors that make the search for the missing plane so challenging with CNN analysts David Gallo and Miles O’Brien, along with CNN aviation correspondent Richard Quest. Attorney General Eric Holder called the slayings of two NYPD officers an “assassination.” Both President Obama and New York City May Bill de Blasio condemned the killings in no uncertain terms. He has a partner," he said, referring to Benjamin Maisani. Anderson Cooper's long-term boyfriend, Ben Maisani, allegedly has been caught on camera kissing another man in a New York park. I have not gotten a good night's sleep in 25 years and I'm not going to start now with this freakin' radio channel."The radio channel Cohen was referring to is This isn't Cohen's first foray into radio. Louis native hosted a five-week series of entertainment-themed live, call-in shows on Sirius XM. "Cohen and Cooper will make stops in Florida, Georgia, Illinois and North Carolina. I'm fresh." Calling himself "a late-night guy," Cohen told Quarles, "I did not move to this town to sleep. "We're really good friends, so we're taking the show on the road."Playing matchmaker, Quarles said, "I think you guys would make a good couple! However, the Bravo personality revealed they did give it a shot. Not many people now this, but the way Anderson I met about 20 years ago is we were set up on a blind date," he told E!

There were 162 men, women and children on board Air Asia Flight 8501.Lots of women consider Anderson Cooper to be a silver-haired fox, despite the fact that women are not his type.But it turns out girls once had a shot at dating the famed journalist before he officially came out as a gay man.Maisani, 39, who has been in a serious relationship with Cooper for more than three years, can be seen in new images holding hands and passionately kissing a man who is not the "silver fox" anchor, but rather a dark-haired mystery man.''The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be more happy," Anderson revealed a few weeks ago, sparking wedding rumors about him and his live-in boyfriend.

"They thought we were dating," he recalled, "and I was sort of hoping to meet their brothers." Cooper kept mum about his sexual orientation until last summer, but the reporter has been out to friends and family since he was a teenager.

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