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It’s a shame that [STILL] within this industry so many talented actresses have to go through years of physically objectifying roles until they are comfortably accepting roles that the academy deems “ugly.” After which they are heralded as “brave” or “gritty”. Sell some lemonade, earn that cash, then spend it all on this issue.Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, whose experiments with high-speed cameras have netted them more than 10 million subscribers and close to 1.3 billion views on the channel they co-host, have launched The Super Slow Show, a You Tube-funded series that ups the slow-motion ante through over-the-top stunts and appearances from celebrity guests.In a typical Slow Mo Guys video, Free and Gruchy take a fast process -- such as the explosion of a giant water balloon -- and depict it in slow motion.(Oh, except for the time Dylan accused Joe Jonas of being a fraud and had his nude photos leak.) But their hilarious tweets and legit sexy photoshoot pics — seriously, college was good to these two — have expanded their fanbases more than ever: They both have more than 2 million Twitter followers, and their posts regularly go viral with more than 10,000 retweets!Even though Cole is one of the hottest young stars around right now, we can’t help but remember him as an awkward, bowl-cut having Disney star.For all the bad news that seemed to dominate our collective consciousness, there are countless stories from this year that remind us what's best about America.Ah yes, nothing like 5 unelected individuals deciding the freedoms of an entire nation. Net Neutrality was put in place when high speed internet became an important part of the fabric of our society.

I can't bear charging you guys for access to whatever joy this account brings.(4) This is an egregious attack on our democracy.

together at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they’re not working together at all.

“The misconception is that we don’t work together now, but we actually very much do, but in a very different way,” the 25-year-old actor shared in his new interview with MTV.

my 3 person creative team and shareholders are (currently) comprised of capital investors and my brewing partner, selected for their willingness to invest their lives and fortunes on a dream.

I had plenty women and men who turned this opportunity aside, but we will expand soon!

He continues, “Cole and I proofread and bounce ideas off each other 24/7.

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