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Blaming your indiscretions on something that was missing in your relationship is a cop out.

You work on strengthening weak points in a relationship, not bypassing them and looking for the answer with someone else.

If it was a moment of drunken lust in a bar with a stranger, admit your moment of weakness.

Obviously this will be more difficult if you had an emotional affair, talking to another woman for months before you acted on your impulse.

Once you tell her everything she needs to know, and let her cry, scream, rant, etc., you need to express how truly sorry you are .

Don't quote song lyrics or a movie script, or summarize what your buddies offered up.

You shouldn't feel like you're being punished or reprimanded every day, but you should show your remorse and a real desire to win her back.

Conflicted by whether to stay quiet and hope it doesn't come out, or confess and risk losing her? To make the whole ordeal easier to navigate (not necessarily any easier), we've enlisted the help of relationship expert Simon Marcel Badinter, host of love, sex and relationships talk show Man up and own your mistake. You might think otherwise, but there are no scenarios where you should consider covering up a case of infidelity—even if you sleep with someone at your own bachelor party.

"Admit it, and be 100% honest to allow the possibility to clear the past," says Badinter. Accept that and brace yourself for some serious anger. Badinter adds: "Never try to lie more to your significant other to cover or soften your admission." Say she finds out; that could damage your relationship even more than confessing in the first place and cut off any chance of you two working past this.

Is this something you've done in every relationship? If it wasn't just a one-off and you self-destruct every solid relationship you have, then consider going to a couple's therapist or a psychotherapist (either alone or with her, if she's willing) to solve the root of the problem.

"Once you know why, you can make sure not to repeat the same mistake," Badinter says. One of the biggest mistakes guys make when trying to repair a relationship after cheating is lying or making the same mistake again.

What she's imagining is bad enough; if you give her the complete play-by-play, that's absolutely poisonous. She's entitled to know how many times it happened, if she knows who you cheated on her with (note: if she does, this is more damning; but you must tell her the truth...), and if you have feelings for the other woman.

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