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We couldn’t be more proud than to provide everyone with the Top 10 Anime Girls Men Would like to Date.Typically on this list, you’re going to see females from the main cast of characters, but for this particular case, we’re going to give you a desirable supporting character.She is a Kabaneri which is essentially a human and zombie hybrid.She has short brown hair and reddish-brown eyes that really stand out on her small frame.

An attractive quality about Mumei is that she is able to kick some butt with the best of the world.

Her lower half consists of black stockings supported by garters and red boots.

Rory is not your typical adorable female; however her innocence, when she's not fighting mixed with that euphoric reaction she gets from death, is enough to warrant a date or two.

Her potential bi-curious nature further cements her on this list following that scene with Tsubasa, where Hitagi gropes her breast and then proceeds to have pillow talk afterwards.

What we have next is a 961-year-old demigoddess from the anime Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri.

For this particular countdown, we’re looking at females in anime that are simply desirable.

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