Vietnamese girls dating and brides

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Asian girls are known for their sensuous looks and slim bodies.

They are some of the most attractive women on earth and Vietnamese women are no exception. Feminine and sensuous, it is hard to not love a Vietnamese girl.

Let’s look at how the so-called “buying Vietnamese brides” business brings in money?

A staff with screen name “Xiao Qian” told the reporter that, when customers arrive in Yuyao, the single man will pay a deposit of 2,000 Yuan first (the deposit will be deducted from the total cost after success of blind date).

Fair complexion, flawless skin, sharp features, and flowing black hair make Vietnamese women look stunning. Like other Asian girls, Vietnamese are also intelligent.

They are highly educated and almost all of them have college degrees.

Well-grounded and sporting, Vietnamese women are romantic too.The rate of education is high in Vietnam which explains why the girls are intellectual and intelligent. You would find them patriotic with high regard for their traditions.There is another feature that makes women from Vietnam special.Honglin said he got the info from the internet that there are many beautiful Vietnamese girls, and after marriage “they do not resist when being hit and cursed, and they can also serve as nanny.” Feng Gang, sociology professor of Zhejiang University, said that due to the existed economic gap between China and Vietnam and the increasing social pressure, some low-level–status Chinese bachelor throw their eyes to Vietnam.While some girls living in poor countryside in Vietnam also wanted to change the fate through such transnational marriages.

“Chinese women will ask for a car, I am a migrant worker, finding a good Chinese girl will be extremely difficult!

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