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The dataset comprises of two views of various scenario's of people acting out various interactions. The site will be updated when more of the ground truth becomes available.

As well as keeping their players happy, virtual bosses encounter the media and they are also expected to handle interactions with their club's board.ID2 - This is the second group which is interacting with the first (in ID1). The image pixel positions will depend on your image scaling. For the image just below the corresponding pixel positions are: Clip 1 has been devided into 8 sequences.The AVI files are named and contain video frames N through M.Please also note that the files contain information about the whole sequence, therefore, when the files are run using VIPER the screen will appear blank until the frame range of the ground truth data is reached.One of the reasons why the Football Manager video game series is so popular is its attention to detail and the impressive depth that exists within the simulation.

However, the realism of the game extends beyond the world of football.

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