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I’ve already got dates cooking in Seattle (my mom lives up there and her house on the Olympic Peninsula is amazing to chill at, I am excited to create a second home up there) and Orange County.If you’re in either of those places and want to get an email when that happens sign up for my email list.I want my program to be really successful at creating resilience to body negativity and oppression.My next steps on that front are looking at all the ways I can raise the capital–social impact venture capitalists get at me! People who have interacted with building out the technology around downloads, get at me!(If you need to get ahold of me queerfatfemme at gmail is the best way, Facebook Messenger is really hard for me to manage.) A viral video does not pay the rent or get the dishes done.

In terms of getting Fat Kid Dance Party (For All Sizes to Heal from Body Oppression) to as many people as possible I really want to do a series of videos.Unlike Richard Simmons, I am completely neutral about weight loss goals and am not interested in making money marketing towards that.I think that production value matters and that we deserve to have a fitness video that doesn’t cheap out on music or any other part of it.You can read about Rachel’s fabulous journey as an actress in this week’s LA Times! Having a viral video means lots more opportunities—meetings, phone calls, exciting plans.Lots of people have been reaching out to me since the video went viral and I’m trying to get back to people.

That viral video has not shown up with a free washer and dryer yet!

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