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The time on his life begins to […] Director: Po-Chih Leong Producer: Thomas Leong Cast: Clara Lee, Godfrey Gao, Russell Wong, Tsai Chin and Tzi Ma Time: Synopsis: The Jade Pendant is the story of Peony, a girl from rural China in the late 1800s.

A student of martial arts and English, Peony is unlike anyone around her; she is given a jade pendant to protect […] Director: Jake Woodbridge Producer: Morley Nelson, Mick Uzendoski, Bryce Wandling and Mike Rominski Cast: Morley Nelson, Amber Johnson and Ty Richardson Time: Synopsis: After his sister is murdered, a Chinese-American detective struggles to capture the serial killer.

Director: Eric Shahinian Producer: Yimei Maya Huang, co-producer Sola Fasehun Cast: Chiz Schultz, Eileen Miller, Anne-Marie Agbodji, Jose Ramos, Stephen Corey Melton, Alecia Hurts, Rose Hamish, Time: Synopsis: A devoted husband is forced to confront his doubts about remaining the caretaker of his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Director: Robert Bracker Producer: Marissa Messina Cast: Vanessa Benavente, Ronnie Kerr, Sean Burgos, Time: Synopsis: A female Border Patrol Agent’s 8-month pregnant sister gets deported and she must choose between her job and her family.

Overwhelmed by the tangled web of violence and intrigue that surrounds him and with […] Director: Byron Yee Producer: Byron Yee Cast: Byron yee, Stephanie Arcila, Mauricio Zatarain, Anne Marie Scheffler, Christopher Meehan, Braxton Davis, Nanrisa Lee, Ken Takemota, Damian Vega, Johs Kelling, Mike Gomez, Jim Jepson, Castulo Guerra Time: Synopsis: Jacob waits every Saturday night in the desert waiting for extra-terrestrials to arrive.

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Shu, Xiaoyong Wu, Yining Xie Cast: Time: Synopsis: In 2016, with the support from china Overseas Exchange Association, Sino-US Arts Organization launched C-DREAM program for overseas training of Chinese Traditional Arts.

The selected piece is what I’ve seen during the Youth Peking Opera training program.

Director: Ari Gold Producers: Michael Bederman, Zak Kilberg, Allison Carter, Ari Gold Cast: RORY CULKIN as Ollie Sway ROBERT SHEEHAN as Nikolai ISABELLE MCNALLY as Isadora MARY BETH PEIL as Charlie Sway ELIZABETH PEÑA as Marlena JACK FALAHEE as Jimmywith Voice Performances by BRIAN DENNEHY as Hal Sway JOHN GRANT as Tweed Mc Kay THE STAVES as The Eden Sisters Time: Synopsis: “The Song of Sway Lake” is […] Director: Reed Tang Producer: Dallas Brannen and Michael Goodin Cast: Chin Han (Ghost in the shell, Independence Day: Resurgence, Captain America, Final Recipe, Restless, Contagion, 2012, The Dark Knight) Jing Xu (Blindspot(TV Series), The Knick(TV Series), Unforgettable(TV Series)) Time: Synopsis: A Chinese family struggles to acclimate a new culture after immigrating to Germany from Shanghai.

Eastern and Western culture clash as […] Director: Chris D. Nebe and JJ Osbun Cast: Narrated by Louis Fantasia Time: Synopsis: In less than 40 years China has lifted more than 700 million of its citizens out of poverty.

Director: Zhibo Lai Producer: Zhibo Lai Cast: Kevin Tan, Lorena Berger, Kayla Anderson and Kelsey Saunders Time: Synopsis: The masked secrets of a newlywed couple are revealed through the lens of time. Director: Betty Ouyang Producer: Betty Ouyang Cast: Larry Wang Parrish, Betty Ouyang and Angelita Bushey Time: Synopsis: Part Drama and part Absurdist Comedy, “Father’s Day” takes a very UN-glamorous look at Los Angeles through the eyes of 2 Chinese-American Sisters–one an aspiring Screenwriter, the other a Struggling Actress.

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