Validating xmls

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Those variables can be then used in processing data or sending email part.

This is why there is a shake-up in the testing tools landscape—and a new leader has emerged in the just released Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. There was only residual information about best practices on how to develop Mule applications and even less advice on how to effectively test them.

Example configuration can look like this: This main flow can accommodate whole application process into few single flow references, which can be easily read and understood.

Every of the bigger, complex tasks was extracted to a different configuration file.

Keep your flows short, make sure that each flow follows single responsibility principle.

For complex solution split your configuration file (containing flows) into smaller ones. I'm used to having one configuration file with main flow (with source component) controlling the whole process and others implementing bigger chunks of business logic (i.e.

When talking about testing in Mule environment it is worth to emphasize that two types of tests exist here. MUnit introduction MUnit is a next generation Mule testing framework.

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