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The method returns a Boolean value that is string numeric = "12345"; string non Numeric = "abcde"; int value; if (int.

A Text Box control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text.

Write Line("num String is not a valid byte"); decimal number3 = 0; num String = "27.3"; //"27" is also a valid decimal can Convert = decimal.

So, here's my string extension method: The optional 'culture' parameter can be used in much the same way. 0777) notation is allowed too but // only without sign, decimal and exponential part. This method can also be used to easily parse a list of numeric strings into a list of method and it also lets you specify a default value to return if the conversion fails.Write Line("number1 now = ", number1); else Console.Write Line("num String is not a valid long"); byte number2 = 0; num String = "255"; // A value of 256 will return false can Convert = byte.It is limited by not being able to convert strings that are too big to be contained in a double, but that is a limited requirement and I think if you are working with numbers larger than this, then you'll probably need additional specialised number handling functions anyway. static readonly Regex _is Numeric Regex = new Regex( "^(" /*Hex*/ @"0x[0-9a-f] " "|" /*Bin*/ @"0b[01] " "|" /*Oct*/ @"0[0-7]*" "|" /*Dec*/ @"((?! This is better than using the ternary operator with the extension method above as it only does the conversion once, still uses reflection though...// From PHP documentation for is_numeric // ( // Finds whether the given variable is numeric. Examples: Pull in a reference to Visual Basic in your project and use its Information.

The Try Parse method will try to convert the string to a number (integer) and if it succeeds it will return true and place the corresponding number in my Int. Solutions using the I know this is an old thread, but none of the answers really did it for me - either inefficient, or not encapsulated for easy reuse.

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