Validating a form in dreamweaver

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There are two ways to accomplish form validation, client-side and server-side.

Client-side form validation inserts the validation script into the web page, therefore required no action on the host server to validate the input.

This calls for some details on the form to become mandatory to fill in.

for example, a form that is used to subscribe visitors to regular newsletters via email will be of no use if the user does not enter their email address.

The advantage is that you can add those validations right from Dream Weaver. With Spry validation widgets, you can verify the input in a text field, a check box, a text area, a group of radio buttons and even a pull-down(drop-down) menu.

You are also able to limit the input to specific information type such as date/time, phone numbers, email addresses or even the length of input inside a text box.

Validation Toolkit makes form data validation easy in Dreamweaver.

Control your visitor's form input and enforce the integrity of your data.

If your form is even a simple contact form, it will only be a matter of time before you begin to get spam submissions for Viagra, Cialis, or whatever else is the current trend in pharmaceutical spam.CSS Form Builder makes creating CSS web forms a breeze in Dreamweaver.Choose from a wide variety of included form types and elements or build your own.Please note: The Validation Toolkit is no longer offered as a standalone product, but the extensions are available as part of the Data Bridge extension bundle.When it comes to validating user-input into HTML forms, Validation Toolkit for Dreamweaver makes both client-side and server-side form validation a snap.

Help users fill out your website forms by using this autocomplete extension.

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