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Then I'd know how many monkeys and how long it would take to do this!

The original claim was that a single monkey at a typewriter would, at some nonspecified point in the future, have typed out every single book in the French National Library.

Alvorens hier cijfermatig antwoord op te geven, even terug naar wat klinkende cijfers van het kadaster en CBS.

Wat betekent deze 18% stijging voor mensen die nu graag een huis willen kopen?

You get genital herpes counsel must consider not, or at least not only, how those performers growing from the experience of performing this Les tourtereaux ont t reprs rcemment lors d’une balade Santa Monica.

In his book Why People Believe Weird Things, Michael Shermer writes of a computer program written in 1988 which was able to reproduce the text of Hamlet in about 4 1/2 days.

And speaking of that last one, I have to wonder- is it even possible to run something like this on a supercomputer?

The guys who did this site assumed that a.) the monkeys had infinite bananas, b.) they bred at an alarmingly exponential rate, somehow w/o leaving the typewriters, c.) they typed one letter every second, and I think d.) they never sleep?

or stop for anything, even when they eat or poop Also, apparently we are working w/ an incredible population of monkeys (more than this earth has!

I'll have to dig up the rticle, which I've got here somewhere.

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