Uzbek dating customs

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Before sending the bride to the groom’s house the ceremony of bride’s farewell with her parents takes place at the bride’s house. After the wedding party the groom sees the bride off to the room for newlywed.“Yanga” (usually woman close to the bride) meets her in the room, bride changes clothes and prepares for meeting the groom staying behind the curtain (“Gushanga”).Some time later the groom accompanied with friends appears at the entrance of the room and accompanied with “yanga” he approaches the curtain, where the bride waits for him.In order to see the bride, the groom should symbolically purchase her out from “yanga”, for which the negotiations are set.During this time the invited performers sing songs.At the end of morning palov the honorable guests are given gifts – usually these are chapans (traditional men’s robes).Upon their departure the tables are fixed quickly for reception of new guests.

After the feast the lagans are removed, and guests again make a fotiha, and having thanked the host, they leave.Bride is obliged to greet each of them by bowing lowly.Thus the celebration finishes and family life begins.Performers are not invited to the commemoration ceremony, and tables are fixed more moderately comparing with celebration.One should note the specific feature that the celebration and commemoration palov ceremonies are served only by men.

Commemoration palov differs from the celebration one by that the guests having taken the seats read the suras from the Qur’an and commemorate the passed away person.

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