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The youngest child is often more outgoing and social, and they’ll usually take more risks, meaning that they may get to experience more diverse opportunities than their older siblings.What it Means for Your Relationship What this means in a relationship, then, is that the youngest child offers all kinds of fun and excitement.Is it really true that middle children cause more problems?That firstborns are more responsible but also a bit uptight?

The good news is that middle children gets lots of practice at negotiating conflict, since they have to deal with it in both directions.Whether on a first date or in a serious relationship, you can count on a youngest child to find spontaneous, unexpected ways to amp up the excitement.This spontaneity can also lead to potential problems in a relationship, though, since it’s not always accompanied by dependency and accountability.They’re also often very organized and prefer to be in charge, which produces success in academics and career.What it Means for Your Relationship The good news for a firstborn when it comes to relationships, then, is that they’re most likely reliable.

You can count on them to be where they said they’d be, when they said they’d be there, and much of the guesswork of a relationship will be removed.

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