Updating win98 to win98se

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If you don't do that you will receive crashes on pretty much any website.Due to Internet Explorer's more likely vulnerabilities, Firefox 2 and Opera 9.27 remain my top choices for Windows 95, you have additional options with Windows 98 as described above.Fun, not for You Tube Videos - Use Off By One Browser, a functional 1 MB Browser that should work speedy with a 486 machine for just looking up something say on WIKI.Square 1 Browser - Easy to use, but the search engine doesn't work, still works easy great on simple searches.Any of you PC scrap collectors know of a dealer who sells legitimate foolishly copies for a previously civilized price?(no e Bay deals, please) I'm willing to pay for the genuine article, but not a bootleg copy.I would be interested in this if there was any way to secure Windows 98.IE6 is really unstable and nearly useless, even if the security vulnerabilities are ignored.

I don't recommend using IE 5 or IE 6 for any sites that require SSL.

It's running Win98 now and working fine, but the time has carefully come.

The SE update is no longer available as a download from the Microsoft web site.

Opera 9.5 will also work well but requires the Windows Sockets 2.0: I tried all browsers, K-Meleon is the only modern browser that still supports Windows 98 without any tweaks or patching.

Best i could get working in terms of the latest version of the common browsers was Firefox 10.0.12 ESR (2013), and Opera 11.64 (2012) and these require the installation of Kernel Ex to get working.

A while ago I installed it on my 2000 SP4 and it kept giving me Bad Pool Caller BSOD screens and then I immediately uninstalled it from my 2000 SP4 and instead used an older version of Firefox that was compatible with my 2000 SP4 desktop. The older versions of 12(webkit) or older have been known to work. Or the current iteration with the webkit engine based on chromium?

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