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Panteloglous said mistakes have been found in both the coverage requested and premiums deducted from servicemembers' pay and suggested servicemembers compare their LES deductions for SGLI to the coverage they think they're getting.Panteloglous said new servicemembers who sign for coverage during basic training typically receive the maximum amount of coverage - 0,000 of term life insurance for a month.A regular beneficiary review each year will make sure you capture these changes.Certain life events such a marriage or the birth of a child or divorce should also trigger a review of your beneficiary information. This article is for educational and marketing purposes only. Call us today at 800-861-7262 for a FREE Consultation."By law, if no name is listed as a beneficiary, then the benefit, upon the servicemember's death, goes to the spouse.What if they were divorced five years before the death, but the insurance-beneficiary paperwork was not up-to-date' "Benefits have gone to other people because servicemembers haven't made changes. They must make the time, 10 or 15 minutes, on average, for something so important," Franco said. Army Human Resources Command Casualty and Mortuary Affairs branch chief.

With the establishment of the FSGLI program, military members married to other military members are required to register their spouses in DEERS as well.Family SGLI (FSGLI) was implemented by the Department of Veterans Affairs in December 2001 to extend insurance coverage to spouses and children of members eligible for SGLI.In order to be eligible for FSGLI, spouses and children must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)."Soldiers no longer have to go through their unit's HR professionals to update their coverage and with SOES there isn't a need for a paper trail," she said."SOES stores the SGLV 8286 right within the system." As a backup, technicians are currently working on an interface so that once the SGLV Form 8286 is completed in SOES it will automatically export a copy of that form to the Soldier's Personnel Electronic Records Management file (i PERMS) within a 24-hour time frame.

Click on the link that says "Life Insurance (SOES - SGLI Online Enrollment System)" under the "Benefits" tab along the top of the page.

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