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I thought I had downloaded the correct version of PHP.My system type reads: 64-bit operating system, X64-based processor. Never ever mess up system with downloading tar/gz while official package exists.You might also want to look at the IUS repo which provides better PHP and My SQL version coverage.As for why and your browser are showing different things.It would depend on your PHP setup but it could be a lot of things, maybe you just need to restart Apache, maybe you need to restart php-fpm, maybe you need to put the Apache module in the right location, etc.Download the package that applies to your version from this page.Hello, I currently run PHP 5.5.19 on a windows server 2012 r2 environment with Apache 2.4. I've replaced the binaries (after creating a backup folder), formatted the .ini, and looked at the Apache keeps a good error log when it doesn't want to start.

Due to a change in the way the database was updated later in development, you will have to go to 3.0.0 first before updating to the latest version.Articles submitted by members of the community are checked for accuracy by the relevant php BB Team.If you do not find the answer to your question here, we recommend looking through the Support Section as well as using the Site Wide Search. Not only do you get bugs fixed, but most importantly you get any necessary security fixes.Furthermore, strictly speaking, we can only support the current version.This article explains the various options open to you for updating your board.

To solve your problem of wanting PHP 5.3, Red Hat offers official packages for php53 on RHEL 5 that you can use.

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