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I'm hoping they'll update the app, because it's really Voice Over-friendly and it works as advertised.

It'll actually clear out all those temporary files leftover after uninstalling apps, or deleting audible books as well.

I can't even use Alex anymore since IOS shows insufficient space to download it.

For anyone thinking of ordering the i Phone 7, don't be fooled into thinking that the new base 32gnb base model will be enough, unless you install very few apps, IOS 10 definitely uses more storage - I think Apple should make their base model 64gb, I don't think you can install many popular apps on a 32gb model.

Anyway, I'll keep watching what happens, but thanks for the restore from backup suggestion.

If apple does send out an update; the bug would just eat up the space and there's no way to get it back. I tried a scan and it cleared about 64 mb of stuff off my new i Phone, but of course the results maybe different for you. To Randy and others still having this problem, Did you try the ITunes Backup, reset and restore I mentioned earlier? For that reason alone, I'm getting an i Phone 7 and I guess this is telling me I should set it up as a new i Phone so I don't get junk from whatever from my i Phone 6S.

These don't show up in your storage settings, but they do take up a large amount of space.

To clarify, even if you press "play" and not "download" most, if not all of, the video will be residing on your device.

I did try a hard reboot and it gave me a tiny bit of storage back, but it was taken back by the bug and then more.

I'm not finding a whole lot on this on the web, but maybe not many have hit the full storage or noticed yet, so they don't know. I wish I could just upgrade my phone but can't until at least December... So I have an update on memory and disc scanner pro, I had done an i Cloud backup, and I was looking a bit earlier at the app and I noticed that it said I was running a trial version. Here's what I wrote: When I turned off most of the background app refreshing, I got back point four gb (just a tiny bit) and it seemed to slow down the storage loss. The backup and restore is the last resort for me, but I might end up there.

You need to go into the Videos app and press the edit button to clear these out.

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