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One Touch is an easy-to-use utility that connects the buttons on your Visioneer or Xerox scanner with a powerful set of scanner settings so that with one touch, your document is scanned automatically to email, or Word, or your printer, or simply a file folder.The resolution , color depth, file format and paper size are all preset, but of course you can change them at any time.However, solutions will be designed to allow employers who have 19 or less employees to take up an STP solution on a voluntary basis.As a Certified Consultant, MYOB Bookkeeper or MYOB Accounting partner you may have clients who will be impacted by the STP changes.Single Touch Payroll will be mandatory from 1 July 2018 for businesses with 20 or more employees.If you’re not using a MYOB product and need to be STP compliant, make sure to ask your vendor what steps they are taking to update your product.If you do not currently use a payroll solution from MYOB you will need to choose one that is enabled for Single Touch Payroll reporting.One Touch Basics Everyone wants ease of use and convenience, however sometimes in order to obtain it, you have to sacrifice quality or functionality.

To be ready for 1 July 2018, you will also need to update your current payroll solution to a version that is Single Touch Payroll-enabled.Links created with the One Touch Links SDK provide scan-to destinations such as applications (client or server application), devices (such as printer or fax servers) or locations (network or local folders) create your own customized workflow components and integrate them into the One Touch control panel quickly and with minimal effort.Customers and developers can now independently add support for applications that are most important to them without dependence on other companies or trying to fit into other organizations priorities. The SDK is a wizard-based development process that is as simple as working with a template to implement the desired functionality.Not true when it comes to the Visioneer One Touch™ technology.Visioneer One Touch™ provides the most elegant ease-of-use scanning experience without “dumbing down ” the device.

MYOB is working closely with the ATO to ensure our products keep all of our clients compliant.

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