Updating multiple rows in gridview creation carbon dating

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Additionally, the following List View events are raised only when using an Items Wrap Grid or an Items Stack Panel: Choosing Group Header Container, Choosing Item Container, and Container Content Changing.The concept of a viewport is critical to UI virtualization because the framework must create the elements that are likely to be shown.Note For more details, see the //build/ session Dramatically Increase Performance when Users Interact with Large Amounts of Data in Grid View and List View.Improve List View and Grid View performance and startup time through UI virtualization, element reduction, and progressive updating of items.

For examples of element reduction, see Optimize your XAML markup.

Some panels allow child elements unlimited space, examples being Scroll Viewer and a Grid, with auto-sized rows or columns.

When a virtualized Items Control is placed in a panel like that, it takes enough room to display all of its items, which defeats virtualization.

When items are close to being scrolled into view (a few pages away), the framework generates the UI for the items and caches them.

When it's unlikely that the items will be shown again, the framework re-claims the memory.

An example of these techniques is often seen in photo-viewing apps: even though not all of the images have been loaded and displayed, the user can still pan/scroll and interact with the collection.

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