Updating madden roster

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In 1973, a year after he officially retired, Matt Snell was also the first athlete to be featured in a Lite Beer ad.

In the history of marketing, this is the equivalent of the first hit of Di Maggio’s streak.

Drafted in the fourth round by the New York Giants, Snell nevertheless was taken in the first round out of Ohio State by the Jets in the 1964 AFL draft.

His last two seasons in the early 70’s would simply be in a uniform.

But when I was growing up, my mother constantly reminded me that Matt Snell was always expected to block effectively for Namath, and block he did, like a lineman.

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She had been having lunch that day with my Uncle Mike, and he showed her this little momento of an earlier night out.

Throughout Super Bowl III he is seen lowering his head and placing one crushing blow after another on the heads of Colts defenders.

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