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You can, for example, schedule i Tunes to check for new podcast episodes — such as news, weather, traffic reports, and morning talk shows — before you wake up and automatically update your i Pod.To check for updates manually, select Podcasts in the Library section of the source list, and then click the round-circle refresh button in the lower-left corner of the view under the Unplayed or Podcasts tab, or the Refresh button in the lower-right corner of the view under the List tab.And when you open up i Tunes 11.0.3 or later, click on the Apps tab on the side and you'll notice that the button for updating your apps has disappeared from the bottom bar.You also get these lovely ribbons on all of your outdated apps as a gentle reminder that an update is overdue. Well, up here above the app icons, you'll notice that the categories have changed to include a category called Updates.But before you tap it, if you're dealing with dozens of updates like me, you may want to just selectively update only the apps you care about. To do this, you can click on any of the apps, read the details about the current update, and then tap the individual Download button if you think the update is worthwhile. Many of you have noticed that your show is experiencing some strange behavior inside the i Tunes store: Let’s start with the first one, feed validation.Stripped to it’s bones, an RSS feed is a bunch of code put together in such a way that feed readers (or podcatchers) can use to organize content and present it to you.

You'll also notice that the Update All button has finally returned down here at the bottom. By Tony Bove Many podcast feeds provide new material on a regular schedule.i Tunes can check these feeds automatically and update your library with new podcast episodes.This is why: If you listen to part of a podcast episode on your i Pod, and then sync the device, the podcast episode disappears from i Tunes (because it is no longer unplayed).If the episodes are still out there on the Internet, you can recover them by choosing Download All for the When New Episodes Are Available option.

The search option now allows you to search for your entire library including movies, TV shows, Podcasts and so on, which is a disadvantage for those with large collection of media files as they will have to wait for the results for quite some time.

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