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This is the working set of URLs from which the gatherer begins its work.

For sources such as NTFS, there is only a single crawl and everything else is handled by notifications from the USN Change Journal. The following diagram shows a high-level view of the queuing process for non-crawl indexing.

Windows Search components are shown in blue, and third-party components are shown in green.

In the first stage of indexing, the gatherer collects information about updates to data stores, compares that information to the known crawl scope, and then builds a queue of URLs to traverse to collect data for the index.

When an item in the crawl scope is added, deleted, or updated, the gatherer is notified by the data store's notifications provider.

There is an initial crawl where the gatherer starts at the crawl scope root.

This topic is organized as follows: Windows Search supports the indexing of properties and content from files of different file formats, such as or formats, and data stores, such as the file system or Windows Outlook mailboxes.

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