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They so easy to work with but are unfortunately not coping very well in kennels. We are obviously doing our best and trying to feed them up - both are on a raw diet - but they are also having to have less exercise than they want and need because of this. And of course - he is starving and can't wait for his breakfast bowl! Out in the sandschool is when these two show us their energetic, lively, bouncey and fun side!

Both take massive leaps and bound across the play school and look pretty spectacular and impressive doing so. They spend their whole time in their kennel cuddling up to each other - their bodies entwined - it's also a way of keeping eachother just that little bit warmer - despite wearing a wooly jumper with a fleece lined raincoat ontop - to stop their skinny bodies from trembling in this weather.

Geri I wonder what everyone is wishing/hoping for this year?

My wish is to be more like another Cypriot rescue dog who is still waiting in kennels for his forever family to find him... He is always happy, always smiling, always wagging his tail, and is always so full of energy... Geri January 2018, and Many Tears has been buzzing with people.

They are both such well behaved that both are allowed to go walking with volunteers, including some poeople with special needs.

They meet other dogs perfectly and have been kennelled with others with no problems at all.

The first one I said hello to was a lovely little lady who I found cwtching up to her kennel friends on her pillow under the heat lamp, hiding from this mornings bitter cold weather. She is underweight - her spine protrudes and you can see each of her vertebre. A while later, Matt and Josh made their way towards her kennel to book her and her friends in.

She looked up at me, her eyes squinting, and she lifted herself up and out of her bed to come over and say hello to me, which I thought was really lovely and also very brave of a newbee. I warn them about the state she is in, and they could hardly believe it.

And…Romeo – the large tan and white male Pointer – who arrived from Cyprus a few months ago – returned to my section!Roxy trots beautifully either by your side or by the side of her brother.Rolo is slightly stronger on the lead but responds well to correction.Looking at their sweet, innocent faces, made me feel so warm inside, so happy, and so so SO excited! The pictures bought up many lovely, many hilarious memories of the last lot we had in. So I'd highly recommend making sure you all have foster space for one of these beauties when they do come in!Today my day began by saying hello to some of the newbies on my section. Her eyes are so gunky she can hardly open them, and she has a broken back leg... The little lady loved having fuss though - as if it was soothing her pain away...

Please be aware that some images on this page may be quite graphic from time to time. All have such fantastic characters, as well as something so special about them...something I've never been able to describe.

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