Updating destination list has failed

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The default security in Windows is to disable remote connectivity to shares using accounts with blank passwords.You can attempt to mitigate the SMB issues by disabling SMB2/3 support on the computer hosting the share.

User account registration to the Epson Connect service is not complete: If you registered your account by using Web Config, you may have closed the browser before registration was complete.

It throws several different errors (when I change settings): When I select "Dest." from the scanning screen, select SMB, and browse the network, the computer is listed.

However, when I select the computer (in WORKGROUP), it just says, "Entered path is not correct..

Looks like SMB protocol is not supported and I wasn't prepared to find a fix again.

In the end I went for the Scan to FTP option but instead of installing Filezilla Server like the accepted answer says I setup a FTP site in IIS, shared the FTP folder across the network, then scanned to that folder using the FTP user I created.

Go to cmd, Edit telnet ip address of the machine, Enter machine login name and password, Enter smb client port445 enter smb client auth.1, Enter log off enter, Type yes to save settings.

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