Updating counter tops

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I used wrapping paper and lots of painter’s tape to protect area around the countertop.

There was a little bit of prep work such as sanding and removing the plastic trim around the base of the countertop.

That’s not the ego talking, but more of a motivated-control-freak-I-can-do-it-better-attention-to-detail-OCD kind of way.

Be sure to evenly coat both surfaces, then let them dry to the touch. The counter edges were finished with a plastic T-molding.Disclaimer: This information is intended as a guide and not step-by-step instructions.Always wear eye protection and read and understand the user’s manuals for the tools you are using. Once dry, I laid the particle board back down on the laminate…Careful, you get one shot at this. I wanted to re-use the old molding so I just measured the old counter for setting up my router.Then I flipped it all over and worked the laminate onto the particle board with my J roller. You can find this stuff in all kinds of colors online, and some of you may remember they edged all of the arcade games in this stuff.

I laid the top of the counter face down on the laminate so I could center it, making sure there was laminate overhanging all sides of the particle board.

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