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To continue using the AOL app after March 19, 2018, you must be using the latest version, which is version 5.2 or higher. Choose AOL: News Email Weather Video on the App Store, or AOL: Mail, News & Video on Google Play or Amazon.3. If you're using a mobile device or operating system that isn't compatible with the latest version of the AOL app and aren't able to update it, you can still access your AOL Mail using a web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

You won't be able to sign in to older versions of the AOL app after this date.

There is none, so everybody who uses AOL email has to either work entirely inside the AOL sphere (using either the AOL website to do email or installing the AOL program on their computer). There are currently 757 reader comments on my articles, care to join in?If not or when you’ve cleared out all the corrupted emails, you can move all the remaining messages back from the Outlook folder to your AOL inbox. At least until the next time AOL’s server bungs up a message.This problem occurs because Outlook downloads all your emails from the AOL servers, so it encounters the corrupted email each time Outlook tries to sync with AOL.To solve this problem should take you just a few minutes: In Outlook, create a new folder in your regular set of Outlook folders (not the ones under the AOL account).Now move all your messages from the AOL account into this folder, in batches of 10 or 20.

error messages, it’s because one or more of your emails in AOL are corrupted.

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