Updating an old gold mirror

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Here is the finished mirror hanging in the remodeled bathroom.

The mirror I was once so desperate to get rid of has now become the centerpiece of the bathroom.

Updating Gold Mirrors and Hardware I am in the process of updating my own home to put it on the market in the spring.

When going through the process, remember the little things DO make a difference. The powder room is a place you don't want to put much money into updating, nor should you have to.

You can also lay down plastic or an old sheet under your work area.

If you’ve never used spray paint before, it is easy to be a bit daunted by the process.

But it is surprisingly simple—much easier than paint and a paint brush. ) Make sure to pay attention to how far you need to hold the can from the object, how long to shake the can and how long you need to allow the paint to cure before applying a second coat. Sweep; Don’t Paint Use large sweeping motions, horizontally or vertically depending on your object, to get an optimal even distribution of paint. Use a Large Dropcloth When you paint with a brush you don’t need much overlap space, but when you are spray painting you need to spray past the object to ensure even coverage. Check out this fun article from Sassy Style, which rounds up some more ingenious ways you can use spray paint to “upcycle” everyday objects, from plastic chairs to your front door! C., who writes about her projects for The Home Depot.

While I love antiques, I’m not yet ready to embrace the ‘90s as historic, and the faux antique mirror and frame in the guest bathroom had to go (especially after we had remodeled the bathroom and installed chrome fixtures that clashed superbly with the mirror’s fake gold frame).

However, it was the perfect-sized mirror for the space.

It has been painted with Rust-oleum metallic "oil rubbed bronze" paint (see below). It completely transformed my ugly, gold, dated mirror to something that looks current and works beautifully with the other bronze fixtures.

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