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In the File menu, run the command Turn on your THETA V, and connect it to the Mac with the USB cable. The app will check the firmware version first I was at Version 1.00.2 Please note: Like it says, the firmware file size is 659 MB, so it may take some time to download, depending on your network.For me, on a normal house network, I watched the spinning progress thingy in the upper righthand corner for about 15 minutes, finally gave up and quit the app, worried that it was bad to quit midway, but when I restarted the app and did Firmware Update again, it says “The Firmware is up to date.” Also please Note, if the firmware update status message looks like this, and the main next action button is you need to update your desktop app.I don't know if my Xbox 360 already supports backward compatibility (in the Xbox 360's case, the ability to play original Xbox games) for it, so I decided to update it.I don't have Xbox Live (which you would usually use), so I decided to update it by downloading the update from and putting it on a CD, and then putting that CD in my Xbox 360.Please note that this change does not affect the wireless performance of the Ricoh Theta V.I installed it on an i Mac (mid 2010) running Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) and also on a Macbook Air (early 2015) running 10.11.6 (El Capitan).

Therefore, we have corrected the output values corresponding to these individual units via firmware update.The download shows up as Spherical Run through the normal Mac download process, double clicking on the Spherical icon, and moving the RICOH THETA app to the Applications folder.Run the app, confirm that it’s up-to-date, version 3.2.2.- - - - -AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS OUTDATED. TO UPDATE YOUR XBOX 360, CONNECT IT TO XBOX LIVE TO UPDATE IT FOR FREE.- - - - - I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan, so I want to buy or rent , which are the only good ones).

For me, the spinning wheel continued for 5 minutes, and had appeared to hang.

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