Universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

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Many thanks for replying and I wish you all the best.’ And that, friends, is how it’s done.

(You can read the full, unedited story here) Do you have any tips for dealing with rejection? Would Like To Meet by Hopeful Girl is packed with funny and moving stories from the Christian dating scene.

I was often messaged by people overseas when I’d clearly stated I only wanted local contacts.

Take a lack of responses as a prompt to reassess your online presence. Over my last two blogs, I’ve shared the story of someone with great asking-out technique, who I sadly had to turn down. Some people react angrily to rejection, but not this lovely chap.

They can’t help how they feel any more than you can. Instead, say a prayer for their happiness, and move on.

In fact, I’ll go a step further and say: make it easy for them. A kind person finds it painfully difficult to reject someone.

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Face-to-face rejection feels more personal, because… It’s horrible being turned down, but we must respect a person’s right to decline. Don’t try to punish them for wounding your feelings.

‘I tried to reassure them they were wonderful guys, just not right for me.

Unfortunately, things turned nasty and I had to end the friendships because of the unpleasant things they said, and their attempts to make me feel guilty.’ If you see the person regularly, resolve to not let it spoil your friendship.

‘I’ve been turned down before, but never in such a gentle and beautiful manner,’ read his email.

‘When you write to a man you want, it must be wonderful!

If being ignored online is getting you down, and you’re focussing more on the rejections than the potential, give yourself a break for a while and focus on other things you enjoy.

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