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While talking to a French guy as he listened to Regina Spektor, my brother crossed the room behind me. " he admonished and immediately “nexted” me, his face mid-sneer. I spoke with one female, watched another girl dance, and there was one young woman in a group of drunks sitting around a kitchen table in Utah.Which leads to my first observation: most of the people I interacted with on that small screen were men. Most of the guys I encountered were alone, and only about half of them lived in the U. lamented, almost everyone on Chatroulette is a guy, and most of those guys only meet other guys, and a decent number of them seem to enjoy lounging about in only their underwear.

There is no login, no personal information required to join the game; hell, not even proof of age.After some meandering small talk, the boy in the middle, the typist (therefore the leader), admitted their motivation for using the new Internet (and media) sensation, Chatroulette: “We want to see boobs, but with, like…talking.” Chances are you have at least heard of Chatroulette. On the "Daily Show," Jon Stewart demonstratedhow to use it, while mocking the media’s overreaction to the porn predictably rampant on site characterized by anonymity.Chatroulette is the creation of 17-year-old wunderkind Andrey Ternovskiy, a high school student in Moscow.You don’t know what the next screen has in store; it's like spinning the cylinder of a revolver during a game of Russian roulette. Except, instead of a revolver it’s the Internet, and instead of rounds it’s people, or genitals, or talking sandwiches.It should also be noted that many users have sound.

Launched last November, the site lets participants communicate with strangers around the world using their webcams.

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